November 24, 2010

Men's Health Publishes Something Not About Erections or Biceps

Men's Health, by in large, stirs up a mixture of frustration and resentment in my gut. This owes mostly to the fact that the publication seems intent on promising all-night sex romps, bulging biceps, fast cars, faster race times, and just about anything else our idealized male should want. Which is not to say, of course, that these things are not desirable. My point is merely that one might be better of seeking rational advice when it comes to those things, rather than exaggerated promises.

Now all of that said, is on my (rather extensive) list of websites which get a daily visit. I tend to choose sites, not because I agree wholeheartedly with their conclusions, but because I am interested in their content, or they provide reasonable information. In fact, I frequent several sites which espouse views I decidedly do not adhere to myself. Men's Health, occasionally, falls in that category.

But I must give credit where credit is due. That link, right there, is a fantastic little read, citing a study which shows ANOTHER health benefit, enjoyed by coffee drinkers. Both of the other links in the article are good reads but *ahem* nothing I haven't written about myself.

Coffee seems to be protective against a number of degenerative diseases?

And what's that? It's best when fresh ground, and prepared manually?

While this stuff isn't groundbreaking, it is nice to see a decidedly mainstream publication - in fact, the most read in America - jumping all over the coffee bandwagon.

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