November 27, 2010

Do Work

I'm done exhaling now, having somewhat exhausted myself yesterday. Truth is, I'm about to do as much - if not more - work today, so my reprieve will be short lived. But here's the thing. Black Friday is busy. You know that much. And so, working as I do, in a coffee shop in Borders, I figured we would be busy. And then there was that free drink coupon...

So yes, suffice it to say, I steamed a lot of milk yesterday. But as much as I'd like to offer that familiar complaint of the allegedly overworked part-timer, to bemoan my misfortune and lament my already miscast lot, I simply can't oblige. Because the truth is, I had fun yesterday.

There is the fact, first of all, that I rather enjoy working while I'm at work. Now Gen Y'er that I am, this may come as something of a surprise. We are alleged to be a generation mired in apathy, disengaged from genuine work and real human interaction. Needless to say, I think this is - to put it kindly - bunk. There are lazies, of course, and underachievers as well. But show me a generation without.

I'm digressing now, however, as I tend to do. The point is, I find a certain satisfaction in being busy. Whether this is rote, tedious labor or something more stimulating, I can derive some similar feeling.

But of course, there is a special place in my heart for cafe labor, for steaming milk and grinding beans in euphoric haze, passing the hours with a hiss in my ears and a "Have a nice day" perched omnipresent on my lips.

And so yesterday left me feeling a bit spent. But well spent, if you will. There is every likelihood that today will be every bit as taxing. But so too is there every chance that it will be just as satisfying.

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