November 17, 2010

Angels and the Devil's Brew

Writing is an exercise in self restriction, as much as self expression. That is, the challenge in writing is often found in what you exclude, what you choose not to write. Very often, I ignore this challenge altogether, and simply ramble to my heart's content.

But this post will be to the point. I mentioned that my cafe managed to gather 72 bags of coffee to be donated. I did not say to what organization, however; nor did I mention anything beyond the most general detail.

So I will say this: Seattle's Best Coffee, or Borders, runs a promotion where people can donate bags of coffee to Soldier's Angels. As best I can tell, this organization exists to provide soldiers overseas with some of the comforts of home. Our job, at the cafe, was to get as many bags donated as possible.

The goal was 23. We got 72.

How did we exceed the expectations? Two things: An enthusiastic staff; and hats.

The former almost goes without saying. Myself somewhat excluded, most everyone turned quite easily in to shameless, charisma dripping shills. I did okay as well; but for all my hubris, I must admit that there were better.

And the latter? Well, my boss bought halos, and a viking helmet. The halos fit well with that "Soldier's Angels" theme... and the viking helmet was pretty awesome too, I suppose. But in all seriousness, they were great ice breakers, and served to get most everyone interested in the concept.

So that's what that was. We did something nice for other people, and managed to make ourselves look good in the process. I'd say that's a success.

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