November 7, 2010

For the Love of Coffee

For all of my talking about other things, this blog exists for one reason: I really like coffee. I like the taste, the smell, the feel, the lore, everything. But most of all, I like what comes with it.

There is a certain kind of relaxation that can only be achieved with a warm mug in hand. And sure, that mug can be hot chocolate, tea, or cider, I suppose. But coffee is, well, better than those things. Am I being objective? No, of course not. I would never claim to be such an awful thing as that.

But coffee, if I'm being honest, is best enjoyed with company. Tonight was a special example of that, as we tasted our various new coffees at our store meeting. It was, on the whole, enjoyable and invigorating.

Wait. A meeting? Enjoyable? Invigorating? Surely you jest.

Well I do jest frequently, but not in this specific instance. I am being quite honest when I say that my coworkers and I sat, discussing numbers and objectives, sipping coffee, and ultimately shouting out ideas and suggestions with a kind of enthusiasm only caffeine can generate. Caffeine, and a genuine passion for what one does.

Which, I must say, is the best thing about my current location. The Lawrence Borders is filled with people who love something in the store, and like a lot else. The cafe is staffed by people who love coffee, and more importantly, the chatting that goes best with it.

And so I sipped, and ate a whole wheat pretzel for what I will call my second dinner. The first was a bad of cashews, so I think I was entitled to more. We talked, smiled, laughed, threatened murder, and danced. All in all, I'd say that makes a meeting productive.

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