November 19, 2010

Swords, Sorcery, and Coffee

If you look at my bio, just below the picture to the right, you will notice several things. First, that I am most certainly flexing in the picture. Humor me. But second, you will note that I mention being interested in things that are not, in fact, coffee related. One of those things is nutrition, and I've posted on that topic numerous times - though I've always tried to make it somewhat coffee related.

I also mention being an English major. Perhaps, given the breadth and verbosity of my posts, that goes without saying. But in any case, there it is. Finally, I mention an affinity for geeky fantasy literature. Whereas many pseudo-intellectuals, perhaps, prefer to devote their leisurely reading time to Kafka, David Foster Wallace, or some similarly erudite author, I prefer my fantasy/sci-fi literature.

Succinctly, I'm a nerd, and enjoy that sort of thing. I don't think any further explanation can be provided, or is even needed, for that matter.

In any case, there is, of course, one bit of fantasy that stands above the rest - for its notoriety, if not its quality. That being the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and to some extent, The Hobbit. Hobbits, among other traits, enjoy eating absurdly often, and always to excess.

This leads to frequent meals, with charming little names. It is an idea that, to steal another idea from a former coworker, applies somewhat to my coffee habit.

I have my cup, upon rising. Then I have another after my first class, another with lunch, another before I work out, and then, usually, one in the evening. In other words, my mug is virtually an omnipresent fixture in my left hand. 

Or, if you prefer: Breakfast coffee, second breakfast coffee, lunch coffee, afternoon coffee, supper coffee, evening coffee, etc. Admittedly, these titles are neither charming nor creative. But Tolkien I'm not. There's a reason I stick to rambling blog posts, and make only occasional forays in to fiction - most of which I would never let see the light of day.

But although I've not absorbed Tolkien's penchant for world-building, plotting, or scenery description, I have, perhaps, absorbed his characters' habits for habitual consumption. That, I suppose, is something.

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