June 20, 2011

Whither Work

The line between imitation and thievery is murky, though even still, I think I'm drifting a bit towards the former. There is inspiration, of course; but there is also taking an idea.

Privilege is not a concept unique to any one writer, or any one set of circumstances. But it is put in terms that, for me at least, are very palatable, here.

It echoes a sentiment that I try to maintain, that I do not have a real job. Not really. I am payed to arrive, do tasks, and then leave. So in that most technical of senses, I am employed. 

But a job is something more than that, though the exact definition is vague to the point where I won't attempt it. It is not working in a coffee bar, however, which is what I do.

And there's your punchline. It's not that I have to work today; I get to work today.

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