June 25, 2011

Coffee is Good

I actually do drink coffee. This probably should go without saying, but for a coffee blog, I write precious little about the taste of the stuff, and the overall experience of consuming it. Maybe it's because I take that sort of thing for granted; maybe it's because I don't consider one man's individual tastes worth sharing.

But I do drink coffee. And what's more, I like drinking it. More often than not, I'm actually excited by the prospect. It's like when you're a kid, and you realize that ice cream is about to happen. You salivate, you anticipate, knowing that however good you think it's going to be, it'll actually be better. (Truthfully, ice cream still makes me feel that way.)

Coffee can be like that. Should be, really. It shouldn't be toxic brown sludge, taken down to stimulate an otherwise lethargic mind and body. It shouldn't be something you drink out of necessity. It should not be a pill popped, a prescription tolerated.

Coffee should be good. It should taste good, smell good, feel good. It should be everything your flannel wearing friend who just got back from Colorado swears this craft beer you just have to try is. 

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