June 25, 2011

New Site, Same as the Old Site

You will notice, if you've been here at all, that things look different.

The aesthetic, while perhaps a bit plain, is appropriate. This blog has always featured walls of text, and no real visual element. To imply otherwise is to present a dishonest front, and one that always seemed a bit much to me. It looked very much like the sort of thing someone would make upon realizing that blogger gives them the power to do so, without considering whether it worked or not. I've decided, after thinking on it for a while, that it did not. And while this new look may seem spartan, it's romantic to me, in that it's reminiscent of that most pleasant of reading devices -- books. Simply font on white makes for comfortable reading, I think.

The title, then. Changing an address is risky business, in that old visitors may have a hard time finding the new location. Changing it to an invented word is, perhaps, lunacy. But if that's the case, then I'm guilty. Suffice it to say, I think the new title is a more accurate representation of what this blog is, what I write about, and what I'm about. It's pithy, and not a probably too cute alliteration. 

That said, if you had any measure of affection for the old place, it would be helpful if you'd put out a word for the new one. I'm not aiming to expand my audience preposterously, just to keep the one I had.

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