June 14, 2013

Other Things

In case my last post was a little too emo (it probably was), here's some stuff I like. Literally and only that. Just a random listing of things I am enjoying at the moment. Other than coffee. That's implied.

Larabars have been a go-to treat to me for a while, and protein bars, as a market, have basically been dead to me for just as long. But now Larabar makes a protein bar, free of bullshit ingredients, but with a little more heft that their traditional fare. The secret ingredient? Pea protein. Don't knock it 'til you try it; and you really should.
Beets taste awesome, are inexpensive, and are essentially EPO pulled out of the dirt. Numerous trials have demonstrated that beets (their juice, specifically), due to their high nitrate content, enable your body to zip oxygen around more efficiently. These trials have also demonstrated a boost in exercise performance. Doping with your salad is the best.
Artichokes are another great salad topper, though I usually just eat them by the can. As in, I eat the whole can. I enjoy the taste, but as with beets, there's an ancillary motive: Bile production. In short, bile is produced in your liver, stored and concentrated in your gallbladder, then released to aid in digestion. Did you know that I don't have a gallbladder? Probably not. But now you do. From ancient Greece to modern Germany, artichokes have been doctor recommended for people such as me, because artichokes aid in bile production and release.
This next thing is not food. But it is a posterior chain activating aerobic workout, and I'm basically useless in the heat.
This is the area's best espresso. I know I said I wouldn't mention coffee. I lied.


  1. I have not seen these ALT bars! I must find them! How much protein is in them? Also, have you seen the ProBar CORE bars? They are a 20g protein answer to Builder Bars, but their flavors are more natural and authentic than Builder bars which tend to be candy bar sweet.

    Since I now have my gall bladder removed, I thank you for the heads up on the artichoke...which I also eat entire cans of.

    Regarding the rest....yes. The same.

    1. The ALT macros come out to be 30g of carbohydrate, and 10g protein. That's a nice ratio, and the amount is good for a snack/really light meal. Sometimes, if I really don't feel like cooking anything, I'll eat 2 or 3 post-workout, some random veg, and that's it.

      I have seen the CORE bars, but haven't tried them. The local health food grocer is the only place in town that has them, and when I'm there, I always get their quinoa, date, and beet salad. And I'm with you on the builder bars - way too sweet for my liking. That's one of the things I like about the ALT bars, actually - they don't taste suspiciously good.

      The artichoke thing is an odd case where the kooky online "cleanse" crowd actually has something right. They really do help stimulate and improve bile flow, and we have tons of clinical data to support this. You can get all sorts of drugs and supplements that act as exogenous bile, but I'd rather support my own (albeit limited) production.