June 6, 2013

Coffee Art Kickstarted

I don't know anything about art, and haven't the cultured vocabulary to describe it in a deep and measured way. So I'm not equipped to tell you why I think this looks as cool as it does. (Not just because it involves coffee. Though it does. Which is awesome.)

But I do think it looks spectacularly cool. If you do as well, there's a kickstarter page where you can support the project. The cost of entry is as low as it gets - $1 is the minimum - and the value climbs quickly after that.

The good news is that, with 9 days to go, the project is more than fully funded. But of course, more money is better. And it's worth emphasizing that this isn't charity; you're getting cool stuff in return for your money.

Now, here is a steampunk penguin.