June 4, 2013


A conversation about coffee today went well; it's still a subject I can speak on with authority.

I also bought a plantain, thinking you could just eat the thing like banana. It looks like banana, after all. That was a dry, starchy mistake.

This will not come as a revelation, then, but even still: There are a lot of things I don't know.

It's worth remembering, as you try and eat fruit wrong.

New things are new, and thus challenging. We don't know things that we soon will; we will laugh at our former ignorance, which was really no greater - merely a different shape - than our current allotment. We will think we've got it figured out, until we take one really disappointing bite of Guatemalan fruit. And we will be reminded again of our perpetual vapidity.

But it's cool.

We'll keep learning, because ignorance is only bliss when it's treated as an opportunity.

Happy neuron feng shui.

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