June 21, 2013

Deciding and Doing

The internet is something great and terrible - so great and so terrible that those words do nothing to encompass even a fraction of a percent of the whole of it.

It is everything we've ever wanted and thus, sometimes, it is nothing at all. When you need one answer you need one; you don't need 20,000.

Want to make a better cup of coffee? Look. You'll find answers, and among them, you'll choose. But on what basis is that choice made? Weren't you looking for an answer from experts? And if that's the case, how can a non-expert pick The One Truth from the maelstrom?

Simply, you can't. And I can't either.

That why - to be totally honest - I'm glad to no longer produce content that adds to that. There are good people producing good resources; but at some point, we're saturated. And then, you just have to try shit.

I think we're at that point. I can tell you that I favor aeropress and pour over brew techniques, and how I prefer to do them. Other people can tell you other things.

I think someone once said about running that "The best training is the training you do". Want to hammer intervals every day? Worked for Roger Bannister. Want to run mega aerobic mileage? Worked for Peter Snell. There is theory and science to every approach, but neither theory nor science get your legs moving. That's up to you. Do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Similarly, the best coffee is the coffee you'll make. The point is to drink it and enjoy it, not to induce an anxiety attack over its preparation.

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