September 14, 2010


When I started this blog, the intent was to establish it as a collection of musings on coffee I had just tried, shops I had recently visited, etc. That, obviously, has not turned out to be the case. Rather, I've written much more about general topics than specifics, frequently getting downright didactic. But, if only for today, that original mission will be fulfilled.

Uganda. It's a country, like most in Africa, which has what we will generously call a dubious reputation. Unless you're reading a depressing newspaper story about it, chances are the nation never crosses your mind.

Until today, I was the same. Ethiopia and Kenya were semi-present in my thoughts, due to their significance in the coffee world. Ethiopia, specifically, holds a special place in my heart. It was the cradle of coffee, as it was for humanity itself, and still produces my favorite beans. Or at least, produced my favorite beans until today. That's because, well, Uganda.

I hadn't ever seen a single origin coffee from Uganda before today, nor had I even heard of one. So, when I saw it at the Merc, trying it was a foregone conclusion. Just for the sake of doing it, I had to taste.

The first impression is silky smooth, mild but not without body. The taste lingers on the tongue, fizzing on the tip, and teasing acidity. It was a picture of balance. Enough weight to satisfy, yet soft and fresh.

My first thought was: "How could I have missed out on this for so long?" My second was: "How has everyone been missing out on this for so long?" Finally, I though: "This needs to be fixed." And so it does. Ugandan coffee. It rules.

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