September 27, 2010


There are few things more pleasurable than the embrace of a warm bed on a cool morning. The thick comforter shields the air's crisp bite, you compacting underneath.

But there's the alarm. For the third time this morning. You reach for the snooze again, as much from habit as intent. Some part of your brain catches the gaff. School. Work. Shit. Whatever it is, your warm bed must be abandoned.

There is a not insignificant part of me which screams, every morning, to submit to the siren song of sleep. It would be the easiest thing, and what would it hurt? You work hard. You deserve it. Of course, there is a slightly larger part of me which screams slightly louder, telling me that certain obligations must be met.

But meeting obligations is hard. I need help. And I think you know where I'm going with this. Frankly, you know where I'm going with every post, so I'm not at all sure why I insist on these unnecessarily verbose introductions. Oh well.

Back to the point, which, in case you haven't guessed, is coffee. The point is always coffee.

But hold on, because I'm totally justified in saying this. A nip in the air can be combated with clothing, sure. And I do that. I am rather fond of jackets, coats, and long sleeved shirts. Were I ever to find a halfway decent cardigan I could pull off, I'd be in to that as well. I think the young Mr. Rodgers look would work well for me.

But I am no sartorialist. And as anyone can tell you, true feelings, warmth included, come from the inside. What better way than coffee? None. None even come close. Coffee, first and most obviously, is hot. So when you drink it, you feel warmer. But even the holding of it helps. Truthfully, that's how I started on my coffee journey. My hands were cold. I had no gloves. I did have access to free coffee, however, so I used it as a portable hand warmer. Finally, caffeine, stimulant that it is, helps give your body's base metabolic rate a little boost, thus resulting in residual warmth.

Somehow, I've managed to write something of a lengthy entry on why one might want to drink coffee when it's chilly. In other revelatory news, one might consider eating when hungry, or drinking water when thirsty. But if I'm obvious, forgive me, as I'm also quite enthusiastic. I have a great deal of affection for coffee -- that much we have established. But I absolutely adore the crisp Autumn air. Combine the two, and I'm a man who could want for little else

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