September 15, 2010

Too much of a bad thing

They say there's a first time for everything. But then, they also say you shouldn't start a post with a trite, mind numbing cliche. So clearly, I do not see things exactly as "they" do. Which is good, I suppose, because they say an awful lot.

They say you should avoid high impact exercise, saturated fat, and excessive caffeine. If they're right, I should be falling face first on this keyboard any second now.

But I'm fine. Promise.

In any case, I do agree with them on some things. For instance, they say it's bad to waste. I'll second that -- in most cases. But not today. Today, I dumped at least 12 ounces of coffee down the drain.

In my defense, the liquid I dumped was only coffee superficially. I maintain that it was actually violently over-steeped black tea, perhaps with some ink for color.

I should have known better. Not long ago, I posted on the alleged double shot of espresso I purchased from a campus library. It was, quite possibly, the worst thing I've ever tasted. But it was slight in volume, thus I finished it. This coffee today, purchased from a campus convenience store, was 16 ounces. Finishing that much of that coffee may well have killed me.

Thus I did the only thing I could do -- I dumped it. Sometimes losses must be cut, dreadful coffee wasted. But, more urgently, my palate needs cleansing.

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