September 17, 2010

Better with age

I've not written too much about specific coffee, or even my specific place of business. Were I not clear, I work at a Seattle's Best. This is relevant information A) If anyone would care to stalk me; and B) As a preface to my writing about a coffee SBC sells.

It's fall. Or, to give it the more pleasing name, it's Autumn. This is a good thing, because the weather is no longer unbearably hot. It is much nicer bike riding and running weather, both of which are things I find myself doing quite a bit of. It is also the time of year when SBC rolls out its Autumn Reserve blend.

Wow. A pretentious named coffee. Can't wait. Doubt if you like, but the Reserve blend is, in fact, awesome. It also is made from beans which have been held back, or if you prefer, reserved.

Specifically, Sumatran beans are aged for several years. Typically, I think this is about five. In any case, the result is lovely. The coffee gets downright spicy, sweet, and full of playful flavors. It's really does taste warm, and well, perfect for Autumn.

If you don't have an SBC in your area, Starbucks also uses aged Sumatran beans in its Anniversary and Christmas roasts. And I know you have a Starbucks in your area.

Of course, if you happen to be around Lawrence, you could buy some from me. Which begs the question: Is it creepy of me to solicit customers on my blog? Dangerous? Maybe. But it seems like a good idea for now. But just to be safe, perhaps I should say this instead: Come get a coffee from me if you are not prone to outbursts of violence, or in any way a dangerous person to be around. There. That's better.

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