November 3, 2014

Kansas Half (empty)

The Lawrence Half was rough. That is objectively true, owing to the hills and up to 30 mph wind, but especially true in my case, because I don't think anyone bombed harder than me.



Can't say I'm pleased, but neither can I say I'm surprised, or that I didn't deserve it. Went out like an asshole, as I do, trying to race a bit over my head, running more of a dream pace than a goal pace. This is typical for me, and typically, it does not work. (But those times it does are pretty sweet.) In local races, I'm basically always going to attempt to go with the lead pack, if such a thing exists, even if this is objectively an awful idea.

I'd like to fix this, uh, quirk, someday, but I've said that too often already and done nothing at all.

So, the first 3 miles were great, the next 7 were fine, and the last 3 were, to put it kindly, slow as shit. I wasn't wearing a Garmin, but I'm not sure it would have registered the movement regardless. It got to the point that my legs couldn't make anything else work hard; that is, my breathing was as controlled as it is this second, because my legs were just toast.

C'est la vie.

There are more races soon - indeed, I may run another two half marathons this month - and a decent portion of my race rust is now hopefully knocked off.


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