November 30, 2014

I've been reading a lot of books lately. Yesterday, I read for 8 consecutive hours. This isn't a point of pride exactly, so much as a mere statement of fact. You will make various assumptions about me based on that fact. They are likely to be accurate and not flattering. Still, the truth is its own justification, and all that.  

You could argue that none of those sentences need the commas they have. I'd like to delete them, but won't. I'm going to use one there as well. But not in the previous sentence to this one.

Writing is hard. Well that's not strictly true. Writing things I don't hate is hard. I've been trying to do that in other places and so there has been nothing here for a bit. 


Turns out you can run just as much without worrying a thing about it. Nice to know, or rather, since I knew it already, nice to experience. I haven't read much in the way of running training theory for a few weeks now, and indeed I've still ran everyday. 
I'd like to transition here to something about the "holiday season", or whatever, but I'll just start with this: People, for the most part, have an unhealthy relationship with running, or "cardio" in general. I can't tell you how many times I've seen ads prompting people to earn their calories, or have a guilt free meal by sweating on a treadmill for twenty minutes. 

As if bulimia was the only reason to run consistently. (Exercise bulimia is a thing, by the way, and it's not something we should encourage. Not that it's an exact comparison, but we'd never suggest someone enjoy their pie without guilt, because they're going to fast for the next 48 hours, after perhaps vomiting.)

How about asserting that consistently good exercise and eating habits are their own justification? Provide their own satisfaction and rewards? That a fucking vegetable tastes good and running is fun?

Fuck. I dunno. I'm a scrawny guy who likes vegetables, likes running. So I don't get it, exactly. And can't. But I feel like reinforcing a cycle of binge/punishment is probably the worst possible thing we can do.

Happy holidays?

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