September 2, 2014

Things from yesterday, today

This post is entirely random bullshit.

- The scent of arboreal necrosis has begun to fill the wooded air. As sure a sign as any that fall approaches, as does the accompanying benefits of cooler air, darker skies, and delicious breathing. (That sounds odd, I know, but the air tastes so much better in the fall. And when you spend a lot of time breathing hard outside, you notice these things). I really do adore the aesthetic of late fall. It's odd the extent to which that's true. So yes, I'm very excited to see the calendar turn.

- Stories of huge marathon PRs often speak more to the disaster of the initial effort than real fitness gains. But then, if you ran faster, do we really have any other way to decipher fitness? Even if other race times are stagnant, if your target improves, that's not nothing. Oh well. Marathons are strange that way. Fueling and muscle damage are such a large factor. I just think it's a tad odd that everyone wants to discuss marathon PRs, and not, say 5Ks.

- On that note, I feel like 5Ks are chronically disrespected. Sure, they're relatively short. Three point something something miles doesn't inspire awe the same way 26.2 does. The distance is not inherently part of the challenge. But that just means you have to run harder. Often very uncomfortably hard, at a pace you never touch in training. (If you're a lazy ass, like me.)

- Lawrence's best post-collegiate runner by a pretty wide margin is almost exclusively a road 5K guy. I wonder if he gets sick of people asking him when he's going to run a marathon? As if running 15 and change on the roads doesn't count for much.

- I'm pacing a guy for 25 at the Hawk 100, on September 13. If things go well, I expect he'll be in contention. If things go really well.... he'll be better off even than that. But I don't want to jinx things. It's exciting for me, and I'm certainly feeling fit enough to push for 25, if it comes to that. Hoping it does.

- If LSD were thought of as long steady distance, rather than slow, I think people would have a much higher opinion of the concept. Slow conjures up images of a slouched back, flailing legs, and mournful chugging. Steady implies rhythm, which requires form, posture, etc., to be mostly on point. It's strong running, rather than weak. Easy, but not holding yourself back easy. It's also the most consistent source of bliss available, I think, and probably the "workout" I'd choose if I could only ever do one thing. (Especially if I'm allowed a hilly course.)

- I went on three runs yesterday, each an hour, just to see what it would be like. Sweaty, mostly. Produced an irritating amount of laundry.

- Legs feel fine though. Fine enough to do 14 today, at the aforementioned "steady" effort, and yes, over a hilly course. Six not very steep hill sprints/strides also, for some token turnover work.

- Still have no idea what I'm going to do this fall, in terms of racing. But very much enjoying my running, which, at the moment, is my primary concern.

- People are freaking out, as every year, over abominable pumpkin flavored coffee drinks. The only thing about fall I actively detest.

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