August 31, 2014

August 25-31

I've never done a this-week-in-training post before, mostly because it would always go like this: I ran a lot. Pretty slow. Some hills. Not too instructive. But I did some things this week, so if for nothing else but posterity and, perhaps, to puff up my own ego, here we go.

Monday: Easy 2 hours. Strides. Weights.

Tuesday: Easy 3 miles. 4 mile repeats @ 6ish pace. Easy 3 miles.

Wednesday. Easy 2 hours. Strides. Weights.

Thursday: Easy 3 miles. 8 miles @ tempo "feel". Easy 2 miles.

Friday: Easy 2 hours. Strides. Weights.

Saturday: Easy 1 hour. Strides.

Sunday: Easy 1 hour. 3 mile repeats @ tempo "feel". Easy 30 minutes.

That's... a pretty big week? With quite a bit of quality, really. But looking back, it was mostly doing what sounded like fun at the time. It always was.

My leg is good. Creeping back up above outright anemia is helping too, of course. Excited to see where this goes.

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