September 15, 2014

A couple pacing pics

I'm never not going to point out the awesome job they do, so:

That said, a couple pics from my pacing duties on Saturday. Matt Becker won and set a CR in 18:47 (previous was 20:20), and I was lucky enough to get a front row seat for 35 miles. (I said 40 previously... but I was really tired then, and my math was bad.)

The final few steps. Me, turning away from the finish. Matt, with eyes for nothing else. His 16-year-old daughter (His wife, other daughter, sister, and niece all were present at the finish. It was really beautiful and they were all very nice to me.) shares the finishing kick.

Here, our post-race portrait-style photo. We're both filthy and deliriously happy. He looks the ultrarunner; I look like I dressed for a 5K and threw on the volunteer shirt (wonder why?).

Doesn't get much better.

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