September 4, 2014

First steps

Being the approach to fall, many people who would otherwise be spared the insanity are inclined towards running a race of some kind.

They tell others, and those others say that it's good that they're running. I should too, they say. I used to, you know. But, life.

They tell me, and I say that I hope they enjoy it. The training, that is. Enjoy that and the race usually goes ok. Even if it doesn't, well, that's a relatively small time investment, relative to the hours spent building up to that first 5K, or whatever the case may be.

I don't offer much in the way of advice, because although I read voraciously on the subject, I end up truly believing very little, and that which I do believe is very simple. I tell them, again, to enjoy themselves. To only push so hard as they feel. To take it easy. Cover the distance before you worry about covering it fast.

I do tell them a little about the concept of base, to drive the point home. Maybe throw out stuff about mitochondria and capillaries. Definately reference how much slower my "easy" pace is than my 5K pace.

I tell them that, if they keep it pleasant, they'll run more. If they run more, they'll run better. If they run better, then they can run even more. And so on.

But if you hate it, none of that happens.

And if you do hate it, that's ok. Running isn't a moral imperative. Nobody should feel guilty for being slow, for hating it, or for not even bothering in the first place.

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