April 23, 2014


Because I'm still somewhat in the mood to beat myself up over my one-for-three (pretty good in baseball though) Spring racing "season" (as if I plan things that specifically), here are some legitimately impressive training demonstrations offered up by others.

Go here and watch the Meb video. 

Training as a full time job, and he goes at it that way. That brief moment where he does pushups? I've got that down, at least.

Then, here.

I like Dominic Grossman, in the vaguely weird way that people like athletes they've never corresponded with in any way. By which I mean, I admire naked ambition, shared openly, even at the risk of publicly falling short of said ambitions. Dude wants to be good, and he wants to work for it. Big miles and big goals. Breaking Jim O'Brien's only-one-year-younger-than-me AC100 CR certainly qualifies as the latter, and 10 weeks over 100 (with more to come) qualifies as the former.

Down in the comments, there's a link to a schedule written by O'Brien. It's terrifying. Doubles. Track work. Tempos. Long runs stacked on longer runs. 

I... need to go run now.

Update: I did go run. It was cool. Legs are fully back, post marathon. They were really only sore for a day or so, but really lacked the energy to do much beyond trotting until yesterday. Took advantage, and let it rip. No watch, so no way of telling, but sevens, or a little under, to finish. 

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