April 13, 2014

Some Good Things

I always go back and read everything I post, one day later. It's always interesting, not because I'm quite that narcissistic, but because doing so provides me with a perspective that is now gone, and would forever be somewhat unknown even to me, where some aspect of it not committed to the internet.

This is to say, perhaps, that I'm a little inconsistent. And impulsive in my posting. The result is a rather candid glimpse into exactly what I was thinking and feeling at a particular time, which, after the fact, is somewhat revealing even to me, the writer of this thing.

I think, at times, that I sound a bit of an arrogant shit, who somewhat consistently overestimates his jogging abilities. I then appear self-deprecating and bitchy if things don't go as I'd imagined they ought.

But if this blog sometimes reads that way, then I'm glad, in a sense, that it reflects accurate frustrations, when they arise. And they do, of course.

However, I'm not always - or even usually - quite that emo, despite what my affinity for black skinny jeans might suggest. So, here are some positive things, concerning my slower-than-I-wanted Eisenhower Marathon.

- I got to see a little of my childhood home with my Dad. A little nostalgia isn't the worst thing, now that I'm old enough for such things to make sense.

- Nicest toilet paper I've seen at any race, ever. Like, so many ply. If there were still minstrels, they'd write songs about this.

- Running is still pretty fun, even when it isn't. And marathons are cool, even when they're actually pretty warm.

- I'm not injured. A little sore but otherwise perfect.

- I have a really soft PR that should make for easy breaking. (Though this could be the previously mentioned arrogant shit talking.)

- I specifically remember, back when I worked at Borders, back when anyone worked at Borders, stocking the running section. 4 Months to a 4 Hour Marathon, the book was called. And I laughed. I said to a coworker, "Give me four years, and I still couldn't finish one." Four years later, I'm pissed about running 40 minutes faster. Perspective. (By the way, this seriously did happen. I know it makes for such symmetry as to suggest falsehood, but I'm being perfectly honest.)

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