April 15, 2014

Moving On

The moon looks rusty tonight and I feel rusty so that is appropriate I guess.

Intended to do something involving legit turnover, but my legs weren't ready for it yet. Still, a chilly, still night is not to be wasted, so I trotted about for a bit. Felt better at the end than at the beginning, so popped off a few things I might generously call strides, but only because it was dark, so no one could see and subsequently testify otherwise.

I'm feeling better. People are saying nice things to me, which is nice, except when it isn't. Sometimes I'd prefer a simple "Yeah, you sucked, but you probably won't suck as bad next time." to "No, that's great!"

It has occurred to me that "next time" could be as soon as April 26, if I wanted. Or May 31, if not quite that soon. The former would be profoundly stupid. Pacing could improve but it wouldn't be enough time to absorb and rebound from the previous marathon, which would then be treated as a particularly hard workout. May 31 offers that advantage, at least.

Still, don't know. I could do a half or two instead, since that distance stands alone as the only one that's always been kind to me, for whatever reason.

That would probably be the smart thing to do. Fitness won't budge much in a month. Probably better seeing where my half fitness is, then moving forward with focused marathon training based on that time, targeting something in October.

If I can find a way to afford it, I might like to pay somebody (or for a static plan) to tell me how to go about this. Not that I haven't read enough about training methodology. More likely I've read too much. I know a lot of recipes but can't cook for shit. And I'm fundamentally stupid when it comes to myself, as that whole marathon-in-11-days idea should firmly establish. That said, I know enough to know that while I really enjoy my highish volume jogging, I'd like to try training for a bit.

Probably won't suck as bad next time.

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