April 27, 2014


Oh, also.

There's a coffee shop that just opened down the street from my office. By that I mean like 20 feet down the street.

It's called Decade, and I'm stoked.

I... don't own a camera. And my phone is not a camera. So I can't show you the building.

But it's white. I think it used to be a paint shop or something. Don't know. It's old, like everything in East Lawrence.

There is a patio. It's big. Everything inside is wood. There are benches. A lot of open floor space. Big windows. It breathes.

The equipment is ace. The offerings are simple. V60. Aeropress. French Press. Espresso. Four Barrel beans from San Fran. Choice.

Dudes behind the counter were nice. Beards. Flannel. Aprons.

A record player.

So goddamn Portlandia.

But I love it.

Next door The Recyclery is being brought back. The briefly dead used bike and parts shop of Lawrence legend returns.

Also pretty goddamn Portlandia.

And I love it also.

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