March 6, 2014

Some Marathonish Things

A sign of increased confidence, or simply less fucks given? My occasional running apparel could be either. The new habit is simply running in whatever shirt I had on that day. T-shirts stick out less than the polos or the button ups. Less laundry, though, is a win. And sartorial apathy is easy for me.

The local running store hosts a Thursday night group run, which serves as my weekly... sustained hard running? Not technical terminology, but it does the job. There is talk of adding a track session earlier in the week, and maybe a longer run on the weekend as well. I'm for all of it. While I've got my youthful enthusiasm, competitiveness, and durability, may as well hammer with other like-minded (and bodied) folks.

Speaking of, I'll be sharing the Eisenhower Marathon (in Abilene, KS, my childhood home town) with a frequent group run participant, and good guy. I hope he nails it, and not just because his "nailing it" pace would pull me along nicely.

Funny how different people react to marathon goal pace in the mid 6s. Not fast enough for Lets Run to even call slow. Certainly slower than plenty of guys I know. Way slower than a few others. Lydiard said any "normal man" could run 2:30, which I'm not doing. Not close. So, sub-"normal", Arthur?

And yet, coworkers with whom I discussed my training (they started down that road, which was a mistake) legitimately asked if such a time would be close to "Olympics good". I laughed, and told them I wouldn't qualify for the women's trials. All relative, right? That's what people tell me.

In any case, I'll do the best I can at present, which is all you can do. The perpetual ideal, then, is to get a better best, which takes time, and patient application of volume and quality. Sounds fun.

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