March 26, 2014

A Thing I do Not Do

On evenings that offer weather such as this, sky slate grey and rippling, the air perpetually moist, as if the clouds are waves breaking on the Earth's atmosphere, and the precipitation the resulting mist, I do not run to a nearby golf course, just past dark, and then run on it, revel in the soft ground, the manicured turf. I don't do that, because that would be wrong. Breaking several rules, probably. I could get in trouble. What's more, it's simply immoral. Trespassing, of course.

So I don't do that. Not tonight, because the weather was as described, and on such nights, I explicitly avoid doing this thing which I never do on any other occasion regardless.

I don't, although the fence is broken in a place. And if one of less substantial moral fiber than I were inclined, this scoundrel could make way easily enough. But I run along past this break in security, rather than through it, for although wood may erode, ethics do not.

On this, you can can take my word, and be sure of it. In any case, no one lies on the internet.

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