March 16, 2014

Post Half

River Rotation Half Marathon this morning. A windy, rolling, bike trail that skirts the river in North Lawrence. Wind chill below freezing, a little damp. Ground moist for the most part, slick here and there, intermittent puddles.

Ran 1:31:57, which won by about thirty seconds. Second place was a guy I run with every Thursday, with whom I share very similar fitness. It was always going to be close, and always going to hurt a bit. A ten second gap at the halfway point held though, and even expanded over the last mile. Still, don't know that I've ever raced harder, really hammering every step, constantly aware that any lapse would result in losing my place.

I'm happy. Happy with the race, of course. But also happy with where my fitness seems to be, now that we're less than a month away from my first crack at a road marathon. Seven minute pace on trail is worth... uh... nevermind. I'll find out soon enough. This was a good day, and it can stand on its own as such.

Photos by Mile 90 Photography. I've probably mentioned this before, but they do amazing work. It's a two person crew, husband a wife, both very good runners. They know how to shoot trail running. Also, yes, I duct taped my shoes. There are holes on the bottom, and I didn't want the moisture from the ground to get my socks wet. They say the only equipment you need to run is a good pair of shoes, and I think that's too high a bar.

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