May 9, 2013

Barista Diet Callback

Although I rarely act on the information, I do tend to track my page hits, including what sites send the most people here. Oddly, the last several days, I've received a fair bit of traffic from a rather vague diet website. I can't find any link to my page, nor can I surmise any reason why such a site would send people my way.

However, if, for whatever reason, you've stumbled upon this page from that site, let me offer you my own pithy diet advice: Drink a shit ton of coffee.

Here's an article that deals with the subject, in a little more detail:

If you're interested in my treatment, check out the BARISTA DIET©.

In short: You eat like a bird, and drink coffee like water. Run 70 miles a week if you want, but I don't recommend that, unless you're capable of paying a stupid high grocery bill.


  1. That very diet has been working for me!!

    1. And you're fast! If the internet has taught me anything, it's that fit people have more worthwhile opinions on everything diet, health, and fitness related. So just cosign everything with "sub 2:30 marathoner", and whatever you say becomes genius.