May 29, 2013


You might think that spending eight hours a day embedded in rather esoteric language would rob me of any motivation to write; and while that may yet become true, it certainly hasn't been the case thus far. If anything, I've come home with more desire to do things - a lot of things, really.

I have my training to do, of course, which is rather thoughtless at this point. It requires no more motivation that breathing. I should say, on that front, that I'm pleased with how things are going. Still, I don't want this blog to become a workout log, so I don't expect I'll document the specifics too closely here. In general: Sustainable volume, hills, flat tempo work, and a lot of strength/core stuff. If this sounds more or less like what every other semi-ambitious runner is doing, that's because it is. There is no secret sauce. (Except good mustard.).

Still, you can only exercise so much. That still leaves several hours a day to do... stuff.

I've flirted with the idea of grabbing on to a new hobby or two, just to further expand my horizons. Notably, I can't play any musical instruments, and there are specific areas of the brain that are primarily activated by doing just that. In short, I'm compromising optimal neural function by not playing something; so it stands to reason that I might want to fix that. What would I play? No idea. Guitar is what everyone does, and as a fan of aggressive music that makes loud use of said instrument, that's an obvious choice. But it's just so fucking cliche, I'm embarrassed at the mere idea.

Other ideas:

  • I could actually learn to cook. But... meh. I'd really rather not. 
  • I've always sort of wanted to learn how to skateboard, and there is a park a couple blocks from my house. But I'm 25, and everyone there is 12. I'd look like a creeper. I'd also die, probably, given my (total lack of) coordination. Best case scenario, I break a leg, and miss months of running. So, nope.
  • I could play video games for the first time in several years, or get TV again. But I'd really rather do something active, rather than passive, especially considering my job will have me sitting plenty.
And... that's about the extent of my ideas. All of this is to say, whatever extra energy I find is probably going to be channeled here, rather that towards a novel pursuit. (He says, preceding an unplanned week's hiatus from writing. Just wait.)

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