March 21, 2011

A Thousand Words to Say

The more you read, the more you think you ought to. The more you know, the more you find yourself ignorant. These are called paradoxes, but they are actually fairly intuitive truths. I'd like to add one, if I may. The more you have to say, the more difficult it is to say anything at all.

This is the position I've found myself in, of late. I've got a new job now, which needs to be written about. But how? There is so much to say, and though I've hardly got an editor putting a word limit on me, I do aspire to something like brevity. (I rarely succeed, however.)

I should write about the place, the people, the equipment, the beans, the atmosphere, everything. There is simply so much to cover that I have a hard time deciding where to start. Thus the dilemma, which has left me altogether silent. Still, there is nothing to be done, other than to do it. One can wax and wane, ponder how or if, ad infinitum. At some point, action must be taken. So instead of wondering how to write, or what to write, I will simply write.

I work at Milton's now, which is both a downtown restaurant and campus coffee shop. At both locations, I am a barista. (At the latter, one couldn't be anything else.) I work with Broadway coffee, a small Kansas City based roaster. Both locations use the La Marzocco espresso machine you see everywhere. 

That is the most basic info required to understand where I'm at now, and what I'm doing. It also provides an essential bit of background, before I launch in to other things. And I will do that shortly, because there is still so much to be said. Suffice it to say for now, however, that I am excited.

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