March 8, 2011

Fast Runners Drink Coffee Too

Dathan Ritzenhein has the dubious distinction of being one of the latest, best hopes for American marathoning. It's too bad, really, that his successes on the track are not enough, that he's judged by his future ability to - perhaps - wrest 26.2 mile dominance away from East Africa. But while that may be, on some level, unfortunate, Dathan's blog has just given us a lovely bit of encouragement, a sense of coffee comradely.

I can’t roll out a bed and hit the pavement running.  I remember when I could sleep until five minutes before I needed to leave the house, now it takes me over an hour to be able to get out the door for a run.  I cannot run without coffee in the morning and breakfast.  The same goes for my afternoon run, if I don’t get a cup of coffee I am useless.  I guess I have gotten soft, but sitting there in the morning with a cup of coffee is a simple pleasure I can’t go with out.

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