March 5, 2011

Ethiopian Coffee; No, Not That Kind

My writing career - if a blog, on its own, constitutes as much - began several years ago, as a sports writer for the University Daily Kansan. I wrote about basketball mostly, because basketball is mostly what people want to read about at KU. Unless it was football season, of course, in which case that dominated my column space.

I don't write about sports much anymore, which is not to say that I've lost interest in the matter - though my interest has certainly waned. It has more to do with the fact that other interests have taken over. In the realm of athletics, I'm more interested in my own pursuits; namely, finding a local 5K I can win. Failing that, I suppose collecting age group awards isn't the worst thing.

Coffee is mostly to blame, of course, since the vast majority of my writing has to do with that infamous brew. But finally, that false dichotomy can be struck down; it needn't be that I write about coffee at the exclusion of sports. 

Addis Ababa – Ethiopian Coffee maintained its second place ranking in the Ethiopian Premier League with a 2-1 victory over Dedebit FC here today, reported the Addis Ababa-based website,
The much anticipated match between the league’s runner-up and third-placed team did not disappoint football fans, who packed the stadium to its full capacity.
It was Dedebit, which opened the score thanks to its midfield general and former Ethiopian Coffee player Dawit Fekadu, who scored 32 minutes into the first half. And that’s how the two teams went to the dressing room for half-time.
Ethiopian Coffee leveled the score (56”) courtesy of an own goal by Adamu Mohammed of Dedebit. Twelve minutes later, Coffee went ahead after the referee awarded a controversial penalty kick. Sisay Demissie was the scorer.
I've found my new favorite team.

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