December 29, 2014

I can't really type pirate noises well but that's ok because I don't really ever need to

My R key is broken. Well, not broken entirely, as I'm - sadly - forcing myself to use it quite often, thus far. But I really do have to mash it. It's bothersome. Makes writing difficult.

Though I've been doing no small amount of it, despite that handicap. Something like... 12 hours a day over my four day break, probably? Much of that consecutive, and no, never once boring. I've found myself growing increasingly fond of writing about the things made up in my head rather than those things which actually occur in my life. And so that's what I've been indulging, with no inclinations whatsoever that anyone but myself ever read that which results. So that's enough about that. (It's not about pirates though. That isn't why my R key seems vaguely smashed.)

Running? Yes, that too. Always that. Better than ever, I say, tentatively, since I haven't raced in months, and basing fitness on how you feel during training is, at best, subject to no small amount of wishful thinking. But I do feel good, consistently. And considering that a statistically insignificant portion of your time is actually spent racing, versus training, that's not a small thing.

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