December 9, 2014

Eat this.

It's not actually ten dollars anywhere. The grocery near my house has it for less than four. But whatever. It's great. The first coffee ice cream I've ever had that's worth a damn.

Also, there is an old dog napping on the floor by my bed, and that makes it very hard for me to get vertical. The tired permeates the room. She's 14 though, which is a better excuse than I have.

In ultrarunning, the rumor mill - confirmed, more or less, by athletes on twitter - says that the Pearl Izumi ultra team is dead, and that Dakota Jones is jumping from Montrail to Salomon. The latter makes all the sense in the world, the former, less so. Hopefully we hear something resembling a why.


  1. PI seemed to go from an elite team (2 years ago with Olson, Clark, Jaime for example) to the "every man" concept. I can see how that would not work.

    1. For sure. I think it's also clear that star power - such as it is, in a niche sport - matters. Brooks still gets a ton of value from Jurek, even though he hasn't really competed in a while, because he's a name. Montrail's still got Roes, even though he hasn't raced at all in years. (Not saying this is a bad thing.) Olson and Clark were PI's biggest names and most consistent competitors at the big races.