January 3, 2015

2015 is here and I'm writing about it, but not really

I ran a 5K in 17:53, which I'm reticent to "count", because it was just me and a concrete bike path. Sometimes you have to buff the ego though, so there we have it. Buffed. (Certified course, so it's not a total bullshit time.) Training is going well. Funny thing about that, I'm finding that the more I obsess over things other than running, the better my running gets. Forcing myself to read fiction - or unrelated nonfiction - instead of pouring over training stuff seems to have given me a sense of balance.


Won a $120 "Asics shoes only" gift card at the local running store. Now, need to find Asics I like. (Or someone I like, to give it to. Do I actually like anyone though? Hmm...)


My brother ended up making good progress on his quest to build a school in Zambia, where he's living presently. Ended up getting $5400, which, with local contributions (and his own) factored in, should be enough to get the job done. Thanks to anyone who clicked on over from either my blog or twitter. I'm checking with him to see if there's any way to continue to give money, even now that the official fundraiser is over. If there is, I'll post about it here. (Thanks in advance.)

Related: I absolutely do sometimes wonder what I'm doing with my life to make the world a more decent place. (Nothing. The answer is that I'm doing nothing. That's... probably not great.)


Trying to write fiction. Fucking hard. Discovering I really don't know how to make things happen. Kind of a problem, yeah? I write dialogue pretty well, and "scenes" ok. But making that all move towards something... eh.


  1. You might enjoy Stephen King's "On Writing". It's mostly autobiographical, but it also details his writing process in an interesting/entertaining way. My objectivity though, may be somewhat tainted by my man-crush. :-)

    1. I do really like that book, actually.