July 20, 2014

Not marathoning in September

In a rare good decision, I've opted against marathoning in September, officially offering myself to the RDs as a volunteer. I needed to do the latter, so that I couldn't go back on the former. A hedge against the feelings that will come with my returning fitness.

I do suppose I could run the thing, and perhaps even put on a respectable showing. But I'm not confident, and that matters. Furthermore, I want very much to not be injured again. Not that you can't get hurt doing any number of things, but running an under-trained marathon must be high on the list of probable causes.

I'd like to say that I'm also volunteering to fulfill some altruistic tendencies, but that would frankly be dishonest. Not that I won't enjoy it, and feel good about it. I will. But if I felt up to racing, I'd be racing.

And race I will, just shorter distances. Tentatively, the plan is this:

Sandrat Trail Run in October -- This is perhaps Lawrence's most competitive race, a mostly trail, some road 9.something miler. Non-standard distance on non-standard terrain, and as such, a very wide swath of local running talent shows.

Kansas Half Marathon in November -- Lawrence's biggest road race, and chance to perhaps dip under 1:20. A little ambitious, because I'm certainly not in that kind of shape now. But I feel as if November is far enough away I could approach a decent little peak by then.

Of course, any racing at all comes with the caveat that I feel properly fit for the event, which means I've remained healthy, and completed consistent training. If that isn't happening, I'll be patient.

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