July 11, 2014

I ran and emailed Hoka because typos

Did another group run last night. Approximately 200% easier than last week's. Went longer and faster, but only a modicum of hamstring soreness marks the effort. Still, though, can't complain about the progress. About 50 people shared the route for this one (very uncommon, the result of a "group fitness", uh, group, going on an unusually long run), which was a 7 mile out and back. Me and another guy "led", and as such, got kind of a weird amount of congratulations and applause as we ran back by everyone. It's shallow, yeah, but having people congratulate you on running "fast" feels good in any scenario, and probably better when you're self conscious about injury related fitness degradation.

Comparing yourself to others is silly, of course, because you are not them, and they are not you. But for those of us who spend too much time reading blogs by fast people, and articles about them, it's maybe nice to remember that everyone doesn't run a 15 minute 5k. (In fact, the average male apparently runs something like a 28 minute 5k.)

I'd like to tell you I don't care about things like that, however. And at the moment, it's somewhat true. I'm running again, at present, and the only goal I really have is to perpetuate that state. Still, though, the prospect of racing again has entered my mind. I've got a local marathon belt (that exists only in my imagination, where running is treated like boxing) to defend this September, and I maybe kind of want to. Well, I certainly want to. But I want to not break things too. I want those things to compliment one another, and that's perhaps too much to ask for.

We'll see. Signup isn't closed til the night before the race (I think), so I've got plenty of time to whip myself back into shape. Only not quite that masochistically.

One other thing, that I haven't got a transition for:

I found a couple typos and false information, while scrolling around Hoka's website. I don't look for such things consciously. But my day job being what it is, I can't help it. So, I emailed them, as politely as possible. A rep emailed back, thanking me. (No free stuff though...) Oddly, this is the third company I've emailed about such things (Newton and New Balance being the others). If some running shoe folks wants to hire me to proofread their company lit, I'm happy to relocate. Just sayin', you guys seem to have an issue with this, and I'd love to help. For money.

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