May 24, 2014

Words on Run

I wrote a review for this book, which you can read here. The link being to Amazon, you can, of course, buy the book there as well. I think that would be a good investment on your part, especially if you enjoy either running-centered narratives or young adult lit.

The latter, admittedly, isn't typically my thing. Even when I was, by definition, a young adult, I tended to shy away from anything that was thus categorized. I made an exception, in this case, because the author is a fellow Lawrence-dwelling runner, and I - as you'd expect - know him. I also know him to be a good writer, so I was intrigued. (I did buy it of my own accord.) Although that peaked my initial curiosity, such things aren't enough to motivate further reading, nor do they create enjoyment where it would otherwise be lacking.

Point being, when I say that I enjoyed the book, know that I enjoyed it on its rather substantial merits. The characters - the first person narrator in particular - are fun, witty, and interesting. The running feels very real, relaxed when appropriate, and searingly intense when it needs to be.

I invoke Once a Runner in the opening to my Amazon review, which are heavy words in some circles. Still, I do think the comparison is apt. Neither is - or intends to be - high art. But they get the running right, from the act itself to the accompanying neuroses. And the people doing the running are, for the most part, interesting and enjoyable to spend time with.

So, worth a read, for sure.

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