May 31, 2014

It is Saturday and hot and I am doing nothing.

This is a good song from a good album.

Very straightforward angry music, though I'm not at all in a bad mood myself. Had I an mp3 player, this would be perfect deadlifting music. But I don't, so it's been proofreading music.

This too. Though it would appear better suited to the task, I haven't found that to be the case. As is typical of black metal (which I'm going to call it, though the genre descriptor hardly fits), the entire album functions more - and best - as one song, rather than disparate parts. Ideally, you'd have an hour of nothing to focus on nothing - contradiction intended. A bit like running, that, and indeed this would make for good trail traipsing music. Good for - to steal a term from my brother - vibin'.

Alas, no vibin'. Becoming a bit redundant. Still hurt? Yeah, still hurt. The injury is taking exactly as long to heal as expected. In two weeks, I'll get another checkup, and likely a clearance to "lightly jog".

No running means diminished writing, both in terms of volume of words and the quality thereof.

So, yeah. Dear diary, some good music. Went for a walk. Drank coffee. Leg still hurts. Shit. Bye.

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