November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Lessons

Ran the Run Lawrence Thanksgiving Day 5K this morning. It was cold, windy, and very instructive.

The lessons:

1) Ran a minute faster than last year, not really pressing, except for the first 800 or so, which translated in to an overzealous first mile. Another sign of progressing fitness, however. That's good.

2) Still 2:30 back from the leaders. People who run college cross country and track are fast. People who just finished running college cross country and track are fast too.

3) Nabbed 2nd in my age group anyway, which is now 25-29. Those high school and college runners who whipped me? Too young. Hopefully, the older I get, the more my peers slack off. That seems to be my best chance at continuing to win small gift cards. (I'm also declaring myself 1st overall in the ultra-shuffler division. Pretty sure neither of the guys rocking the Wisconsin or TCU gear would claim that title.)

4) Speed and endurance are different things. I train the latter almost exclusively, and so, in short races, my legs just can't go. Some work at or faster than 5K pace would do me some good, especially if I want to manage a respectable (flat road) spring marathon. Pleasantly jogging 70-100 miles a week is a good start, but I need to get my ass to the track.

5) If I were a high school girl I would be really fast, because I beat the 6A cross country state champ by two seconds. Am I celebrating beating a high school girl? A freshman? A 14 year old? God damn right. If she's the next Abbey D'agostino, I'm getting it put on my tombstone.

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