November 23, 2013


Third in a race that goes ten deep with fast guys I know, and maybe a handful more I don't. Happy with it. More satisfied, to tell the truth, than with any other recent result. Finish between people you know are fast, and I guess you can't help but feel okay about yourself, your training, and your present fitness. Maybe you even start to think you could be a little fast too. 

Faster, certainly, than last year, when I ran this thing 3 minutes slower. And I guess that's the best part. Wherever you are, relative to other folks, you always want to beat the shit out of your ghost from last year. And I smoked him. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. It really is a good feeling, stringing positive results together. Not that the training isn't fun and satisfying - it is. But - and you know this - there are few things as satisfying as races that validate those daily efforts.

  2. The header photo is great.

    Nice on the continued progress. 3 minutes is huge.

    1. Thanks. I'm still trying to figure out if I'm suprised or not. I don't do any pace-based training, so I kinda just figured I was pretty fit, because I felt pretty fit. Guess I was right.