November 29, 2013

Black (Metal) Friday

I didn't buy any gifts (sorry folks) but did pick up my 20$ gift card from a local sporting goods store.

Drank a cup of good coffee, went to another shop, drank another. Ran the 7ish mile trail loop I just raced, went to the gym, lifted, did 3 more plodding miles. Quads are sore from running 3 flat miles yesterday, which really does confirm I don't do enough fast running.

Listened to this album, for probably the 20th time this week. It's great work music for me, but really, who doesn't want a deafening cacophony of riffs and growls while editing Investigational Ophthalmology?

Thankful my legs work and that good coffee is good. And thanks for reading as well. I throw a lot of stuff out there and more than a few of you keep coming back. I appreciate it.

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