October 11, 2013

Killing Time

Time is both uniquely hard to kill and yet supremely vulnerable when we'd least like it to be. No shit, right?

Time flies, allegedly, when fun is being had.

Today has felt its length. Is feeling it. Tomorrow will be no different. The race starts at 6, and I will be totally, horribly lucid for every moment, from my inevitably too early waking to the shuffling, ambling start. 

And then? 

Jogging. Glancing. Who's going for it? Do they know what the hell they're doing? Chill. 

Miles to go, but time, time.

Time killers today:

Overtime at work.

Browsing a bike shop, where it was noted that, to my supreme amusement, my arms were too big for the "race cut" jerseys. (I'm 5'10, 140 lbs. A bike shop is the only place I'm anything but a stick. Maybe I should hangout more often?)

Rice and beans, apples. Carbs. No running today though, so no appetite. Pre race stomach didn't help. I got down roughly 1,000 cals today, total, gave up. Is this how cyclists eat every day?

Read some things, watched some things.

Now? Writing this. No shit, right? 

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