October 18, 2013


The first day of the year that could be accurately called cold, I think. A good reminder that running is best in weather that isn't really good for much else. Mid-30s feels pretty good, when your internal temperature starts to rise.

And the aesthetic was nice too, at least for me. I know some people enjoy their sunny runs, but I prefer to wait until dark, or nearly so. And the later in the year it gets, the earlier "dark" happens. An extra bonus: Today came with grey sky, and mist. My favorite recipe.

I could do without someone lurching at me in their truck, though. Green light. Walk sign on. I'm cruising through the crosswalk, but the guy wants to go right on red, and wants to do it several seconds ago. So, he leans on his horn, and jabs the truck forward a meter or so, as I pass.

I don't envy cyclists their more frequent incidents with jackasses who feel they've got some divine right to do whatever the fuck they want, by virtue of being behind a wheel, and encased in a large metal husk. Funny how that turns anyone into a badass. Not funny how many people are hurt by that idiocy.

Anyway, that interaction added a little more pace to my run than my quads were happy with, and kind of ruined the vibe. So, I came home and watched a video of a bear playing tetherball. You should do that too.
Life is better now, right?

(The bear in question, and the sanctuary at which the video was shot, if you're curious.)

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