August 11, 2013


Feeling fine today, really, if a bit lacking for things to do, I set off to cover a reasonable amount of ground at a very slow pace, leaving my tendons and muscles decidedly unchallenged, but perhaps stimulating my cardiovascular system just so.

It was the sort of day that people would call beautiful if they were out for a picnic rather than a run, mid 80s, humid. All the more reason to slow down just so, so I did.

You see people when you're out running and so I did. There were kids on the corner who could not have been 18, pink hair, irregular bangs, smoking. Walking by them was a woman of about 60, by appearance, so perhaps 40, with bleached out hair, and dangerous looking heels, drinking something from a hot Starbucks cup using a straw.

The sky was a blue slate, uniformly empty, and there were others running under it. I noticed typically a lack of medial glute strength, prompting excessive side to side action in their stride, a rather inefficient motion.

Trotting along, contact, lift, forward, forward, breath controlled and wave to the dog on the leash.

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