August 7, 2013

Not My Best Event

My gym is considering sponsoring an Arnold Classic style 5K, a "Pump and Run". Essentially, you bench a certain percentage of your body weight (based on your age and gender), and then run a 5K. The 5K is what it is, but for every rep you get on the bench (up to a maximum of 30 reps), 30 seconds are subtracted from your time.

Today, I, uh, practiced, in order to see just how humiliated I would be, should I attempt such a race/public shaming.

Since I am a young male, I would have to bench 100% of my body weight, which is presently 140 lbs. I managed 5 reps before my arms quivered and I racked it. Sadly, my fellow gym goers, who see me far too often, were quite surprised I managed that many. They confessed anticipating a decapitation by barbell.

While it's always pleasant to avoid dropping a relatively large amount of weight on one's neck, that's not quite a large enough victory to make this (as yet hypothetical) race sufficiently tempting.

If only I developed a "thyroid condition"...

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