August 10, 2013

Bonk Run

Tonight was the hardest effort of my marathon training cycle, devised to simulate running like hell for the last - rather than the first - half of the race. That's the thing about marathons; on a taper, the pace feels easy - at first. So running an easy long run, well rested and at an easy pace, wouldn't really offer specific preparation. Nor would it be exciting, frankly, considering I'm often oddly enthusiastic about immolating myself with violent workouts. So, this is what I did instead.


Ran: 14 miles

Deadlifted: 2x5 @ 225 lbs (And a bunch of vanity lifts too, but that's not terribly relevant)

Flipped: 135 lb tractor tire, 2x20

Ate: A larabar and an apple


Coffee: Yes please

Breakfast: Nope

Hungry: Yes

Lunch: An apple and some berries

Hungry: Still

Bonked: As hell

Legs: Sore already

Ran: 15 trail miles, at goal marathon pace, taking only 8 oz of heed as fuel (I also had a bite of watermelon, and four grapes, if we're being picky)

Stoked: Very

Right now

My target marathon is a month out, and I could scarcely feel more confident. My volume is higher than it's ever been, and yet my strength is up across the board. Most importantly, I'm hitting some quality workouts - even insane workouts, like the one above - and nailing target paces every time.

But we'll see. They don't give awards for doing the best training, after all.


  1. It was great to see you blow by me a couple of times last night. Hope your training continues to go well.

    1. You as well. It's always fun to indulge in the area's running community, great as it is.