February 14, 2013

Moving Forward

In general, I'd like to think this is a blog with an optimistic viewpoint. In between the vaguely stream of consciousness rambling, I try to infuse a sense of being grateful for what you have and making the best of it. 

Yesterday's post was a stark departure from that.

It was such a departure that I came here today with the intent of deleting it, which I'm not going to do. I meant everything I said, when I said it; and there is still quite a bit of truth in that. When profit maximization becomes the prime motivator, I get a bit grumpy, simply because that's not what drives me. When I get the sense that I'm hopelessly naive, that the world is driven by things I will never understand and never desire, it can feel a bit hopeless. 

So for the sake of honesty, the bitching stays, even if the tone does not. Sometimes work is, you know, work. Sometimes I have to manage a real coffee bar, rather than playing at it. And in that, does money matter? Fucking right it does. But that's no reason to whine, certainly. I have a job I enjoy, serving people I like while working alongside people I like.

This. Is. Good. 

Can it be better? Of course. Forever and always, yes. And I'm working on that. I'm working on being proactive, on making the best of what are, frankly, pretty good circumstances already. 

Today I ran hills comfortably, and dropped a hard 5k in the middle. Sometimes you have to do hard things to reap the benefit. 

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